Often times we think of the beginning of the week as “The Monday Blues”, “the start of another dreaded week”, or my favorite “5 more days till the weekend”.

What makes us feel this way? Why do we LOVE the weekends but can’t stand the first day of our work week? 3 reasons come to mind:

1. Unhappy with work/ Life

2. Unprepared for the week to come

3. Lack of exercise

Which one can you relate to? Are the person who relates to all three?  Let’s focus on number 3: Lack of Exercise for Today

Monday’s for me are the greatest day of my week hands down. You are probably thinking why?! I’ll tell you. On Monday morning @ 5:30am  The crazy CedarFIT stars who are just nuts enough to workout with me way before the sun comes up, they are making a conscious effort to start their Monday’s off right! They come in full force (some half asleep or “werewolf status” as my client Damon mentioned this morning) but that doesn’t stop them them from putting in the work they need to have a successful Monday!

Monday can be the greatest day to your week if you follow these 3 simple steps and take a closer look at how your Monday’s could turn into the BEST Monday’s ever!

Step 1: Get up Early!

Mark Tobiassen from Action Coach says, ” The average Millionaire wakes up at 6am or earlier everyday.” Make the most out of the time you have been given. It pays off in the long run trust me I know.

Step 2: Plan your Workout Time the Night Before

Knowing when you will be working out gives you that extra push. Say this in the morning, “OK  body, I know I need to work out at 4:30pm today. No Excuses”  You will be shocked when you stop seeing your workout time as optional and start seeing it as mandatory.

Step 3: Drink Water

Sounds Simple right!? Staying hydrated throughout the day can help you stay alert, feel less tired, and have better success in workouts! The solution is simple drink water!

Remember, Monday’s can be awesome if  YOU make them Awesome!

Let’s get started on building a new and improved you!

Talk soon

Cedar 😃