• Cedar McCrary Coach

    Unlike many people who open fitness centers, I truly do know how tough it is when my clients tell me they’re struggling with trying to lose excess weight.

    I know… because I was there. I was the fat person walking into a room, the “round” mom at the park and I began to worry that one day my kids would be embarrassed of me when they saw their friends with skinny moms!

    But it was more than that. Baggy clothes that looked like tents were part of my normal wardrobe because that’s all that fit.

    The most depressing thing for a person is to go to a department store, try on 20 pairs of pants and only be able to find 1 pair that is “passable”. I used to cry in the dressing room and refused to look at the mirror. Sound familiar? And forget wearing sleeveless summer tops or a sundress.

    No one wants to just look “okay” when they leave the house. You don’t want to feel self-conscious because you have a muffin top, bat wings, cottage cheese thighs or you have bulges in places that should be firm and smooth.
    You want to feel confident that you look your very best.
    You want to look fabulous in your clothes and wear the latest styles.
    You want to feel healthy and sexy and turn the eye of that special someone in your life.

    Why not? You deserve it, right? But that’s NOT how I felt after the birth of my 2nd child. Far from it!

    A lot of my clients come to me feeling the same way I did. I wasn’t just looking to lose a few extra pounds so I wouldn’t have a belly pouch. I needed to lose a LOT of weight after giving birth.

    I’d blamed my weight gain on bad genetics. Gaining 60 lbs. during pregnancy on top of the few extra pounds I’d had on me beforehand didn’t help.

    Before I was able to finally lose weight, I’d become so desperate after trying diet programs that left me hungry and gaining weight instead of losing! Diet products are big business. Their sole purpose is not to give you results. It’s to get you to buy THEIR product. End of story!

    Who needs that?

    Americans spend billions of dollars a year, wasting time and money on miracle products and gimmicks that just don’t work. I know. I tried some of them.

    At my wits end, I finally decided to ignore all the so-called expert advice from weight loss infomercials. When I did, it was eye opening to learn I’d been doing everything wrong!

    I researched good nutrition and learned exactly what it takes to burn fat and tone my body. Only through exercise designed to burn fat and eating healthy foods was I able to finally lose weight see a difference in my body.

    You can imagine my elation. FINALLY something worked. I discovered that much of what I had been doing in the past was actually keeping me fat by causing my metabolism to slow down and my body to lose energy.

    Depressing, yes. But I quickly got over that when my body began to change.

    I didn’t dread looking in the mirror anymore. I actually wanted to see how far I’d come. Best of all, I wasn’t frustrated. I was happy with the changes I was seeing in my body and in my self-esteem!

    I now know what it takes to go from fat and flabby to skinny and healthy! I lost 75 lbs. using a scientifically proven exercise program and good nutrition!

    I learned a lot. But one of the most important things I learned is that fitness trainers who’ve always been skinny and fit just can’t relate to someone who is fat because they just don’t know what it feels like to struggle. But I do.

    I wanted to help people achieve the same weight loss and fitness results I achieved. So I became an Albuquerque personal trainer and opened up a fitness center called CedarFIT Personal Training and Boot Camp that is dedicated to giving my clients results!
    With my help, you can achieve the same results I did! You have my empathy and my TOTAL support when you join CedarFIT Boot Camps. You see, I’m not just the owner. I’m the head trainer. I work in Albuquerque, NM in the trenches right alongside you while you work out and sweat! I design the programs and personally review your nutrition journals every day.

  • Devin Coach

    Hello! I have been a trainer at CedarFIT for 3 awesome years! Before I was a trainer I was an electrician working 90 hours a week. I was 245lbs and my health was severely declining. I wasn’t able to walk up the stairs to my office without severely panting, I was drinking at least 4 red bull’s a day, and the worst and most sobering reality was that I couldn’t play with my kids at the park or at home without being completely out of breath, I was always tired. I knew if I didn’t make a change I wouldn’t last till 45. That’s when I decided enough was enough. I started at CedarFIT as a member in 2005 where everything changed. I lost 67 pounds in 6 months! My endurance went through the roof! I had to buy all new clothes because I lost so much weight. I went from a 42 inch waist to a 34 inch waist! I was able to play with my kids without getting tired and today I go up and down the stairs several times a day without getting tired! It was the BEST decision I have ever made, not only for me but for my wife and kids as well!

    To anyone who is on the fence, not sure, or wondering what to expect when you come to CedarFIT I want to encourage you from my own personal experience and the experiences of the 100’s of other clients here at CedarFIT who have lost weight and gained their active lives back, is to try it out RISK FREE! There is a 30 day money back guarantee which I LOVE because if you aren’t 100% satisfied CedarFIT refunds you your money back no questions asked!

    What I like to do for fun after losing 67 pounds!?


    Riding Horses (almost EVERYDAY!)



    Play with my Kids and not getting tired!

    Favorite Food:

    ANYTHING from Torino’s! (mmmmm that’s good cookin!)

    Favorite Movie:

    Star Wars

    Best Thing about being healthy:

    I know I am giving my family the best of me! I am the happiest I have ever been!

    I look forward to seeing you at CedarFIT, It’s LIFE CHANGING!