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albuquerque fitness coach and training pictureHiring an Albuquerque Fitness Coach is a wise move to make if you want to attain your personal fitness goals. Personal fitness has to focus on 5 main components: cardiovascular endurance, composition, flexibility, muscular strength, and muscular endurance. Each of these components has to be balanced to ensure maximum fitness. With the guidance of a Fitness Coach like the ones at CedarFit, you are ensured of proper fitness routines developed to enhance each of these areas of health and fitness.

Five Personal Fitness Goals We Can Help You Achieve

Cardiovascular Endurance

This aspect of training increases your body stamina so that you can endure physical fitness activities for a longer period of time. Exercises under this category include heart-pumping activities like jogging, swimming, cycling, jumping, and skipping. Before these exercises, it is important to do some warm up and stretching exercises to prepare the muscles for the workouts ahead, which your Albuquerque Fitness Coach will lead you through so that your warm-ups are done correctly.


Composition refers to your body mass. If you want to have a lean muscular body, it is important to do cardiovascular exercises to burn fat, and weight training to gain mass. Eating a proper diet is also essential in this area of fitness. Consult your Albuquerque Fitness Coach or a dietician to provide you with a proper diet plan designed to get you maximum results from your cardio and strength training.


This component of fitness refers to the range or bodily movements you can perform. By doing correct stretching exercises lead by your Albuquerque Fitness Coach, you can increase your body’s flexibility. Your body mass has a direct effect on flexibility as well. If you have muscles that are out of proportion, you lose body flexibility. Hence, it is essential to watch how much muscle mass you gain. Flexibility exercises are best done after every exercise routine to ensure maximum results.

Muscular Strength

Strength training exercises are ideal for muscular strength. You can gain muscle strength with or without the use of weights. Push-ups, crunches, and other strength exercises that do not rely on weights can increase muscle strength, but building muscle mass is also essential. To boost muscular strength through muscle mass gain, it is important to use weights. However, always be sure to ask your Albuquerque Fitness Coach to design a good strength workout plan fit for your level. These exercises are best done after cardiovascular exercises.

Muscular Endurance

Muscular endurance can be developed by increasing the intensity of your strength training. With the passing of time, you can increase your body’s muscular endurance as you progress. Keep in mind that the intensity should be done progressively and not abruptly or else you run the risk of injuring your body.

After every workout, it is essential to finish it with stretching and cool down exercises. Some people who attempt to work out on their own usually end up with failed results. However, those who train under the guidance of an Albuquerque Fitness Coach at CedarFit see substantial results in weeks. This is so because every exercise routine is designed with different goals in mind. Hence, they should be done properly in accordance to one’s personal fitness goals.

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