So you’re doing it all right. You’re sending me your food journals, counting your calories, going to boot camp 5 times a week—and that scale just won’t budge! Does that sound like you? It’s hard to stay motivated when nothing seems to be happening, but put the scale aside for a minute. Do your clothes fit better? Do you have more energy? More strength? More endurance? Have friends and family commented on how good you’re looking? Then take heart! You are making progress!

If the number on the scale is demoralizing you, then ditch the scale for a month. You’re building muscle, which takes up less space than fat. Which means you are getting smaller and every pound of muscle burns on average about 50 calories per day! 10 pounds of lean toned muscle will actually help you drop an extra 4 pounds per month more than if you were just dieting!

You’re repairing your metabolism and setting up a new way of living. Stop letting the numbers dictate how you feel about yourself and start paying attention to how you actually feel. The scale only tells part of the story. If you’ve been at it and you want some numbers to back up your progress, come in for an assessment and get a more complete picture. If you suspect there are some areas of diet or exercise where you could improve, come in and talk to us, we’re here to give you advice and guide you achieving your fitness goals.

We’re all conditioned to believe there is some shortcut to weight loss but it’s just not true.

You’ve heard it before, but I’ll say it again: if you’ve got weight to lose, it didn’t take you 30 days to pack it on, and it’s going to take real time and effort for you to work it off. So hang in there! Keep working hard. Push yourself. Find joy in your new strength and endurance. Don’t let a number discourage you or become an excuse to derail your efforts. Keep an eye on your goal; it’s more than a number, it’s fitter, happier you.