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Pre Workout Snacks

Pre-Workout Snacks To eat or not to eat before the gym, that is the question. Eating too much too close to working out could end badly, but not eating might leave you dizzy, sapped of energy and hitting “the wall” half-way into your workout! The best solution is a...

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The Fitness Bank

The Fitness Bank Money! It makes the world go round. We all work for it so we can pay for the things we need—the clothes to look professional, the car to get to work, the education to make us more marketable. One of the first things we learn as kids is how to add and...

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Finding The Best Gym

Find the Best Gym In Albuquerque (for you) Living a healthy lifestyle is as important nowadays, most especially now that the world is full of things that cause illnesses and diseases. If you want to live a quality life, it is essential to eat a healthy diet and...

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Water for Weight Loss

Wow! Summer is definitely here and it has brought the heat! We live in the desert, so most of us know how important it is to stay hydrated, but did you know drinking enough water can also help you lose weight? It’s true! All those late night infomercials and the...

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There’s a reason dieting is compared to a “yo-yo.” You’re up, you’re down, you make progress, you slip up, you’re on the diet and you’re off again. The problem with a yoyo is that it never gets to a destination. So many people get stuck in this diet mentality,...

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Summer Snacking Tips

The days are getting longer and the sun is getting warmer. Summer is near, and it’s bringing all its summer food temptations with it. Just because the temperature is rising doesn’t mean your weight has to. So drop the beer and ditch the ice cream! Here are some hot...

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Be patient with yourself

So you’re doing it all right. You’re sending me your food journals, counting your calories, going to boot camp 5 times a week—and that scale just won’t budge! Does that sound like you? It’s hard to stay motivated when nothing seems to be happening, but put the scale...

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Make Your Workout Work For You

If you’re feeling like you’ve hit a plateau or you’re in a workout slump, here are some helpful workout tips and reminders to get you back on track. 1. Don’t sacrifice reps for form It’s tempting to just try to crank out reps. After all, isn’t really pushing yourself...

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Exercise for Happiness

Ever have those days where it seems like everything that can possibly go wrong does? Yeah. I hate those days. On days like that, when you’re drained and frustrated, the clichéd response is to fall onto the couch with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. Don’t do it! Aside from...

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