Sometimes I run into people that are all about boot camp, but they just aren’t ready to commit to the nutritional changes that would really boost their results. If you aren’t quite prepared to take on a major food overhaul in your life, that’s ok! That doesn’t mean you can’t make little changes to your diet. Little things totally add up over time and you’ll be surprised how easy some of them are! Consider adding one or two of these small habits to your routine and see what happens!

1. Keep the Food in the Kitchen. Research shows that people actually consume up to 35% less food when they are served a plate of food instead of having an easy-access platter of it on the dining table. Serve and sit, don’t sit and serve!

2. Don’t drink your calories! If you’re thirsty, choose water, tea or your favorite low-cal beverage instead of guzzling sodas, sports drinks, alcohol, frappachinos or sugary juices. Making this simple change can save you an average of 400 calories a day! (That’s 40 lbs a year!!!)

3. Sign up for weight loss emails (like mine on this website). There are a ton to choose from online, and those little daily reminders encourage you to focus on your goals. As a bonus, they often have tips, recipes and motivating stories of success. Four words: Before And After Pictures. Still want cookies? I didn’t think so.

4. Don’t eat in front of the TV. We all know mindless eating is not smart. Researchers at University of Massachusetts showed that people who ate in front of a TV ate an average of 288 calories more than people who sat at a dinner table with no distractions. Just turn it off!

5. Pause. Take some time to actually enjoy what you’re eating. Put down your fork or take a drink of water between bites. Eating at a slower pace can actually boost levels of hormones that make you feel full. Eating more slowly also helps you to be more mindful of your eating and more in tune to when your body is full.