Snacking, in moderation, is totally fine. No one wants to be starving and munching on a healthy snack when you feel hungry will help keep your blood sugar stable and prevent cravings and feelings of deprivation! When it comes to snacking, and food in general, being prepared is possibly your best tool for success. When you’re hungry and pressed for time, you’re more likely to grab something convenient than something healthy. The solution? Make healthy convenient! Here are several healthy grab-and-go snack ideas. Plan ahead and you’ll find it much easier to stick with food choices that help you reach your nutritional goals!

1. Edamame – You can buy these frozen shelled or in the pod. For the pod variety, steam them or pop them in the microwave to defrost, sprinkle lightly with a little of your favorite low sodium seasoning and enjoy! If you have some prep time and you want a crunchier version, get the shelled ones, toss with a little olive oil and seasoning of choice, bake at 375 for half an hour and you’ll have a crunchy snack that’s loads better for you than a bag of chips! Make a batch now and you’ll have them for easy grab-and-go munchies.
2. Roasted Almonds – or any nuts really. Nuts are packed with protein, fiber and nutrients that have all kinds of great benefits for your brain, heart and skin. Stick to the unsalted variety and don’t overdo it. Have a handful if you’re feeling snacky and put the rest away.

3. Tomatoes and Feta – Tomatoes are a super food packed with vitamins A, C, K and potassium. Slice the tomato up, drizzle with some olive oil and sprinkle it with some feta and fresh pepper. Add some fresh basil for a real treat. Or, even easier, take a handful of grape tomatoes and add them to a half cup of cottage cheese. Doesn’t even require a cutting board. Win.

4. Boiled eggs – Quick, easy protein on the go. Boil a bunch at the beginning of the week and you’ll have an easy, nutritious snack at your fingertips.

5. Raw Veggies – a classic that’s great in a pinch. Chop some celery, cucumber & jicama, or make it super easy and buy veggies already bite sized – baby carrots, snap peas or grape tomatoes. Eat as much as you want to! It’s darn near impossible to eat too many veggies… crowd out the bad with the good!