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I came through the CedarFIT door sideways, angry that I have to get on a scale and actually say how much I weigh out loud because until now it hasn’t been a reality. This wonderfully warm woman keeps moving forward with my registration as she explains the work-outs and her hands-on expertise. Because this really is what I am looking for, my anger tempers enough to ask questions: what, where, who, when and why. I nearly break down on my “why”: “I am recovering from having a series of surgeries and I need to rebuild my strength and range of motion in my right shoulder, and I am so frustrated with how long this is taking me while I go up and down with my weight.” Cedar smiles and shows me a picture of herself “before” – her after is glowingly standing in front of me. Pretty impressive results. Cedar breaks down what to eat and how often, a choice of work-out sessions, plus a page of extra personal options including massage. We are quickly setting this up step by step with very doable goals. My very first Albuquerque boot camp is full of a wide assortment of people in age, range of expertise and level of fitness. I am so busy trying to execute the moves I quickly forget “I am a beginner” and feeling like a major spaz. The man next to me smiles as I try to follow along with him, catching on to the routines. A woman on the other side seems to be at the next level so I can see where I am reaching for. No one seems to have the time for preening or checking out my generously packed sweatpants. At the end of the first 2 weeks I am having an easier time listening to the time- bells which signal the next exercise. I am still huffing yet my puffing is more encouraging than frustrating. Did I mention that I am a perfectionist? I thought I was in decent shape only to be trying to do “one more, just one more”. Cedar reminds me this is a journey, a process to be enjoyed. And my mind quips: What idiot signed me up for this crazy ride? Oh, right, it was me! Somehow I keep putting one foot in front of the other, literally. I have never been a runner. First of all I have these really short legs. A shortness in breath and we are jogging outside in December in between falling snowflakes. Yet there is this guy who wears a bright red shirt who shoots out ahead of me across the field. He becomes my red flag, something to run towards when I am wondering how I am going to make it across the grass. You can’t really say that I am running yet Cedar coaches me on posture and more importantly not always listening to my mind’s subtle quips: I can’t do this! I am XX years old and it is XX degrees outside! The session ends and I am still on my feet. Another woman comes up to me and comments how much better I am running. I accept the compliment – another interesting lesson. I am progressing, losing weight and enjoying my work-outs. I have mornings where I am not sure I really want to kick-my-own-butt, and then I get to CedarFIT and see my work-out mates and get inspired to give it my all. I jump into the cardio kickboxing class (oh thank you, Cedar, for having such a great variety of classes to challenge me) and once again have to ask for execution information: How do you throw a punch? I am not a person who gets into fights, and haven’t consciously punched anyone. I want to become more confident in my own power and strength. The patient instructor quickly shows me the proper form. I now use the large mirror that last week was showing me all of my jiggly parts in disgustingly accurate slow motion detail to help me perfect my jabs. I momentarily forget about what is upsetting me about my body and concentrate on the task at hand. At the end of class the sweat is dripping off of me and I do feel more powerful, empowered. I want to be better fit so that I can enjoy my life more. To be inspired to go out and be more interactive with my life. To be a better me.“I am excited about doing all of this and more! Meeting new friends and leaving a bit of me (in weight) behind” Georgia Packard Photographer, Albuquerque, NM


I am recovering from a back surgery that was necessary due to multiple accidents through my life. I am doing really and am really thankful that I trained with Cedar at CedarFIT over the last year. I have to rely on my arm and leg muscles a lot to keep my back in place. I am less than 2 weeks post surgery now and I was up and around most of the day today. Not tired, only a little sore but not in my back or neck! Amazing! I am very encouraged and would not have this recovery status without you. Thank you Cedar! –Ann Mulhern Waller Owner – Mulhern Advertising, Albuquerque, NM

Ann Mulhern Waller

I recently traveled from Fairbanks, AK to Albuquerque, NM and everyone at CedarFIT was AWESOME. The staff and members were very welcoming. The CedarFIT facility was VERY nice and clean! They have great equipment and they also introduced me to foam rollers (LOVE THEM). I will never forget this trip and will for sure return on my next trip to Albuquerque. Even in my short time there I had a great time at each session and learned a lot. Thanks everyone @ CedarFIT!

Nicki Smith

“Cedar has developed an excellent approach to accommodating any fitness level as well as assisting with injury rehabilitation. This is particularly impressive in the fast-paced boot camp environment. No matter the class size, Cedar and her trainers are attentive to each participant, monitoring their performance and correcting or modifying for each individual need. Unlike so many “named” exercise programs – Cross fit, Kickboxing, Zumba – there is no intimidation factor or fear of being overlooked due to an emphasis on competition or having to meet unrealistic expectations.

Another huge plus for busy lifestyles is both the class length (less than 45 minutes) and schedule, extending from early morning offerings (5:30!) to after work options. For those who are routine challenged, all you have to do is follow the exercises on the white board and start/stop when the timer rings – invaluable for coffee-deprived exercisers!

I urge you to read these reviews and come experience CedarFIT yourself. Although, I didn’t focus on it, Cedar also offers comprehensive nutrition and weight-loss counseling as part of the program cost. A very rare combination in a fitness environment that typically offers these services for an additional steep amount.

There’s a reason CedarFIt has a loyal following.”

Catherine Horton

A year ago, I knew I needed to do something to improve my health and my outlook on life but I wasn’t sure what. I had already begun to change some of my eating habits and lost some weight, but I wasn’t really feeling any better. That’s when I saw an advertisement for CedarFIT. I had tried working out at gyms, I had tried doing it on my own, and none of it seemed to work for me. I thought I could give this Boot Camp idea a month or two and see what happened. I dutifully attended 3x/week for a week, then two, and then…I was hooked! I felt better and the pounds and inches started to fall off. Cedar encouraged me to try hard, to work to my potential, and to use good body mechanics (something especially important to me as a Physical Therapist because hurting my body could not be part of my work-outs). She also requested food journals…every day! Once I started turning in food journals for her to review, I was able to get the feedback I needed to continue the journey to what is now an 80-POUND WEIGHT LOSS! I am now more fit than I have ever been in my life (including my time as a college athlete), I am planning to run my first ever 5K and I look forward to my work-outs whether it be boot camp, cardio Kickboxing, spin class or runs in the park! I am happier than I have ever been with the shape I am in and I know that the next 20-30 pounds will come off if I continue to put in the effort! Cedar’s support and personal experience have been invaluable to me. She’s been there, that made it all more real for me…I work hard because I know I can achieve more, I know I can do more and I have goals set for myself that I would have never thought of a year ago! for all that you have lead me toward accomplishing…there are more great things to come!!! Mary Beth Schubauer Physical Therapist, Albuquerque, NM

Mary Beth

“Great gym, like a family! The dedication to each individual and encouragement to each reach their goals is a higher standard than any gym I have experienced. Professional personal training staff. I highly encourage you to come try out the gym and see if it is a great fit for you! I drive daily from Rio Rancho to Paseo/Wyoming just to work out there!”

CK Hall

“The first time I walked through the door I was scared to death. I have been out of shape for years & the thought of putting on spandex & exercising with others was terrifying. Well, within minutes those fears were gone. Cedar & her staff were more than accommodating. They made sure I was doing things with proper technique and were so encouraging. When I do something with improper form they are quick to correct in order to prevent injury. The policy is “if it hurts, you’re doing it wrong. Let’s fix it.” My original intention was to TRY to go 2-3 days a week. Well, now it’s part of my routine and I look forward to going as much as possible. I love the class structure and love the people. It’s truly a place where everyone knows your name & you’re always glad you came. This is more than a gym, it’s a place where friends gather to laugh, encourage one another, & most importantly get in shape.”

Michelle Airheart

CedarFit is not your typical fitness gym, and I am grateful for that. CedarFIT focuses on circuit-based, boot camp training, and specializes in the 30-and-over age group. Workouts revolve around 45-minute classes that start with basic stretching, and end with more stretching. Workouts contain both cardio and strength components. The classes vary from day to day and are never exactly the same as one before. The pace is fast enough that the time goes by quickly, but not so fast that one feels overwhelmed. Every exercise in a workout set is demonstrated by the instructors, along with modifications for those who need them. The instructors are well-trained, and monitor the progress of the participants carefully, all while providing all the cheerleading support necessary to be encouraging and to make the workouts fun. Novices and gym rats work out side by side in a non-competitive environment where everyone works at their own pace, and safety is emphasized. For those with limitations or injuries, the instructors work towards full recovery when possible, but when full recovery is not possible, then the emphasis is on reducing further damage. Remote workouts are even available for those who have to step outside the gym regularly for travel, or for those who wish to work out during vacation. Counseling on diet is available for those who want it, and ongoing health assessments are available for those who wish to track their progress or who have set a health-related goal. For those seeking a challenging, yet safe workout, in a non-competitive, yet encouraging atmosphere, CedarFIT is the place to go. I have been a member there for a year now, and cannot think of another gym in town where I’d rather be.”

Tracy Small

I love CedarFIT because of the support and no judgement! ! The trainers are are awesome and supportive. They do not let you give up and they do not give up on you!!!

Cindy Ahlgrim

15 lbs down so far thanks to mind set coaching . . . putting me first and realizing I can’t be healthy and have a crappy diet.  I choose ME! No more fast food period.  Minimal eating out making healthier choices and getting to boot camp 5 times a week increasing my performance (energy, weights).  Thank you, Cedar!! It’s working and it’s a sustainable lifestyle change.

Jen G.

Jen G.

For most of my life I have been a competitive swimmer and in very good shape. I had my first daughter 6 years ago and my second daughter 21 months later. Looking back now, I am amazed at myself with how easily I became a junk food junkie of sorts and a snack-type foods, quick fix sort of eater!! My biggest vice has always been Coke (primarily Route 44s from Sonic! Yikes!!). I tried joining gyms and would say I was going to commit and it never lasted more than a month. I tried to go to a pool (a decent one that was nearby was best) but that never stuck. I had definitely become the busy Mom who struggled with the daily challenges of single parenting and desperately tried to keep things quick and easy. My girls were set because I was able to just always get that part done. I, on the other hand, was falling apart, not happy with my once very fit body and not feeling the confidence I once had in myself as a healthy and capable individual. I met Cedar about a year ago at a mutual friend’s house. We found we had “health” in common as she was a trainer, I had been a swimmer and my home business was teaching others about health and wellness products. I saw Cedar’s first gym when I went to deliver her products. I was impressed and we talked about her program. I had just signed up at a different gym (again) with a year contract and I couldn’t do both. I remember noticing that in Cedar’s gym were different kinds of equipment that I was used to for doing dry-land training. I was bummed to say the least that I had not seen it sooner. Of course, I eventually bailed on going to the gym I had singed up at. Even more time after that I was still doing the usual routine of daily Route 44 Cokes from Sonic and bouncing up and down in my weight. I had recently been in touch with Cedar again. It was then that I said, “CEDAR I NEED HELP!!!” I signed up and Cedar helped me get on board with a plan to kick the Cokes. I went from the Route 44s daily to just a large, to no Coke for a week then a large a couple of days to none for 8 days and so on. I had improved and it was a tough thing to do. The coolest part about my training with Cedar since January 2011, is that I’m feeling strong again. I see the muscles in my arms and I can actually feel them again!! I love the challenge, I love to push myself and I have always worked best with a coach—what Cedar is for me now (just on dry land rather than in the water). I have stuck with my training at CedarFIT because I am seeing results. The environment is fun and very supportive. The staff members are so helpful and energetic. I love that there are so many people to work out with who really just want to be healthy and that there are so many different ages doing the same level of intensity in their workouts. It truly has been inspiring to me and is keeping me going. I am going to be 40 this year and getting back into better shape makes me feel like I am 40 going on 30! It’s been a great help for my mind and body! Thanks Cedar!! –Dustin Matthew Albuquerque, NM

Dustin Matthew

“I am feeling so good mentally and physically!! I was in a bad place about a month ago, feeling bad about myself and it was affecting everyone. I had to drag myself to work and just get through each day…very sad. I am glad that I finally decided to do something for myself. There hasn’t been a time where I have not wanted to go work out, which to me is amazing. I sit all day at a computer… I think a lot while I am at work so when I get home I am mentally exhausted and I really don’t want to do anything. But now I look forward to going to the gym. I still haven’t figured out when I am most likely to attend, but I know that my dedication is there because right now I am working out in the morning so that I can take my kids where they needs to be, (while before my attitude would have been, well I can’t make the workout. Oh well.)

I like everything so much that when I told my husband I was continuing at CedarFIT he was like “well have you explored other gyms and their costs?” I told him that it would be a waste of time, I liked CedarFIT and that it was non-negotiable!!” I also told him that if I did sign up somewhere else it would be a waste of money because I probably wouldn’t go.”

Karen T. 

Albuquerque, NM

Karen T.

“It has been an AMAZING 3 years with Cedar McCrary and CedarFIT Albuquerque Boot Camp!! I have never felt better or more fit in my life… even with having to take almost a year off for my cancer treatments (radiation, chemo and major surgery).  I am stronger than I ever was before! It’s been a long uphill battle but I can GUARANTEE that I would not be where I am at right now without the help, guidance and continuous support from Cedar. So I say to you Cedar, thank you for being there for me and ALWAYS keeping me on track 👍 💯 💪  100% cancer free and loving it every day!!  I truly hope that if anyone wants to be healthier, more fit and have so much more energy to live their life to the fullest, that they call my friend and my mentor Cedar at CedarFIT Body Transformation Center 😊 !”

-Trish Matthes

Albuquerque, NM

Trish Matthes

Cedarfit is an exceptional environment for anyone at ANY fitness level. The trainers, participants, and owner make everyone feel comfortable and successful at all levels. They are experts on scaling all workouts and movements for personal and individual fitness level and individual physical needs. I look forward to my workouts everyday at Cedarfit and in the past I have dreaded having to go to the gym.

Stefanie Gonzales

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