• Georgia

    I came through the CedarFIT door sideways, angry that I have to get on a scale and actually say how much I weigh out loud because until now it hasn’t been a reality. This wonderfully warm woman keeps moving forward with my registration as she explains the work-outs and her hands-on expertise. Because this really is what I am looking for, my anger tempers enough to ask questions: what, where, who, when and why. I nearly break down on my “why”: “I am recovering from having a series of surgeries and I need to rebuild my strength and range of motion in my right shoulder, and I am so frustrated with how long this is taking me while I go up and down with my weight.” Cedar smiles and shows me a picture of herself “before” – her after is glowingly standing in front of me. Pretty impressive results. Cedar breaks down what to eat and how often, a choice of work-out sessions, plus a page of extra personal options including massage. We are quickly setting this up step by step with very doable goals. My very first Albuquerque boot camp is full of a wide assortment of people in age, range of expertise and level of fitness. I am so busy trying to execute the moves I quickly forget “I am a beginner” and feeling like a major spaz. The man next to me smiles as I try to follow along with him, catching on to the routines. A woman on the other side seems to be at the next level so I can see where I am reaching for. No one seems to have the time for preening or checking out my generously packed sweatpants. At the end of the first 2 weeks I am having an easier time listening to the time- bells which signal the next exercise. I am still huffing yet my puffing is more encouraging than frustrating. Did I mention that I am a perfectionist? I thought I was in decent shape only to be trying to do “one more, just one more”. Cedar reminds me this is a journey, a process to be enjoyed. And my mind quips: What idiot signed me up for this crazy ride? Oh, right, it was me! Somehow I keep putting one foot in front of the other, literally. I have never been a runner. First of all I have these really short legs. A shortness in breath and we are jogging outside in December in between falling snowflakes. Yet there is this guy who wears a bright red shirt who shoots out ahead of me across the field. He becomes my red flag, something to run towards when I am wondering how I am going to make it across the grass. You can’t really say that I am running yet Cedar coaches me on posture and more importantly not always listening to my mind’s subtle quips: I can’t do this! I am XX years old and it is XX degrees outside! The session ends and I am still on my feet. Another woman comes up to me and comments how much better I am running. I accept the compliment – another interesting lesson. I am progressing, losing weight and enjoying my work-outs. I have mornings where I am not sure I really want to kick-my-own-butt, and then I get to CedarFIT and see my work-out mates and get inspired to give it my all. I jump into the cardio kickboxing class (oh thank you, Cedar, for having such a great variety of classes to challenge me) and once again have to ask for execution information: How do you throw a punch? I am not a person who gets into fights, and haven’t consciously punched anyone. I want to become more confident in my own power and strength. The patient instructor quickly shows me the proper form. I now use the large mirror that last week was showing me all of my jiggly parts in disgustingly accurate slow motion detail to help me perfect my jabs. I momentarily forget about what is upsetting me about my body and concentrate on the task at hand. At the end of class the sweat is dripping off of me and I do feel more powerful, empowered. I want to be better fit so that I can enjoy my life more. To be inspired to go out and be more interactive with my life. To be a better me.“I am excited about doing all of this and more! Meeting new friends and leaving a bit of me (in weight) behind” Georgia Packard Photographer, Albuquerque, NMScreenshot_1

  • Mary Beth

    A year ago, I knew I needed to do something to improve my health and my outlook on life but I wasn’t sure what. I had already begun to change some of my eating habits and lost some weight, but I wasn’t really feeling any better. That’s when I saw an advertisement for CedarFIT. I had tried working out at gyms, I had tried doing it on my own, and none of it seemed to work for me. I thought I could give this Boot Camp idea a month or two and see what happened. I dutifully attended 3x/week for a week, then two, and then…I was hooked! I felt better and the pounds and inches started to fall off. Cedar encouraged me to try hard, to work to my potential, and to use good body mechanics (something especially important to me as a Physical Therapist because hurting my body could not be part of my work-outs). She also requested food journals…every day! Once I started turning in food journals for her to review, I was able to get the feedback I needed to continue the journey to what is now an 80-POUND WEIGHT LOSS! I am now more fit than I have ever been in my life (including my time as a college athlete), I am planning to run my first ever 5K and I look forward to my work-outs whether it be boot camp, cardio Kickboxing, spin class or runs in the park! I am happier than I have ever been with the shape I am in and I know that the next 20-30 pounds will come off if I continue to put in the effort! Cedar’s support and personal experience have been invaluable to me. She’s been there, that made it all more real for me…I work hard because I know I can achieve more, I know I can do more and I have goals set for myself that I would have never thought of a year ago! for all that you have lead me toward accomplishing…there are more great things to come!!! Mary Beth Schubauer Physical Therapist, Albuquerque, NMScreenshot_2

  • Ann Mulhern Waller

    I am recovering from a back surgery that was necessary due to multiple accidents through my life. I am doing really and am really thankful that I trained with Cedar at CedarFIT over the last year. I have to rely on my arm and leg muscles a lot to keep my back in place. I am less than 2 weeks post surgery now and I was up and around most of the day today. Not tired, only a little sore but not in my back or neck! Amazing! I am very encouraged and would not have this recovery status without you. Thank you Cedar! -Ann Mulhern Waller Owner – Mulhern Advertising, Albuquerque, NMAnn-Waller-80

  • Dustin Matthew

    For most of my life I have been a competitive swimmer and in very good shape. I had my first daughter 6 years ago and my second daughter 21 months later. Looking back now, I am amazed at myself with how easily I became a junk food junkie of sorts and a snack-type foods, quick fix sort of eater!! My biggest vice has always been Coke (primarily Route 44s from Sonic! Yikes!!). I tried joining gyms and would say I was going to commit and it never lasted more than a month. I tried to go to a pool (a decent one that was nearby was best) but that never stuck. I had definitely become the busy Mom who struggled with the daily challenges of single parenting and desperately tried to keep things quick and easy. My girls were set because I was able to just always get that part done. I, on the other hand, was falling apart, not happy with my once very fit body and not feeling the confidence I once had in myself as a healthy and capable individual. I met Cedar about a year ago at a mutual friend’s house. We found we had “health” in common as she was a trainer, I had been a swimmer and my home business was teaching others about health and wellness products. I saw Cedar’s first gym when I went to deliver her products. I was impressed and we talked about her program. I had just signed up at a different gym (again) with a year contract and I couldn’t do both. I remember noticing that in Cedar’s gym were different kinds of equipment that I was used to for doing dry-land training. I was bummed to say the least that I had not seen it sooner. Of course, I eventually bailed on going to the gym I had singed up at. Even more time after that I was still doing the usual routine of daily Route 44 Cokes from Sonic and bouncing up and down in my weight. I had recently been in touch with Cedar again. It was then that I said, “CEDAR I NEED HELP!!!” I signed up and Cedar helped me get on board with a plan to kick the Cokes. I went from the Route 44s daily to just a large, to no Coke for a week then a large a couple of days to none for 8 days and so on. I had improved and it was a tough thing to do. The coolest part about my training with Cedar since January 2011, is that I’m feeling strong again. I see the muscles in my arms and I can actually feel them again!! I love the challenge, I love to push myself and I have always worked best with a coach—what Cedar is for me now (just on dry land rather than in the water). I have stuck with my training at CedarFIT because I am seeing results. The environment is fun and very supportive. The staff members are so helpful and energetic. I love that there are so many people to work out with who really just want to be healthy and that there are so many different ages doing the same level of intensity in their workouts. It truly has been inspiring to me and is keeping me going. I am going to be 40 this year and getting back into better shape makes me feel like I am 40 going on 30! It’s been a great help for my mind and body! Thanks Cedar!! -Dustin Matthew Albuquerque, NM Dustin-Matthew-80

  • Jim P. Dountas

    I have been training at CedarFit for over a year and can say without hesitation that it has been one of the best decisions of my life. The fitness and nutrition coaching and training I have received has been second to none. And, my results are irrefutable evidence that this works. When starting in February of 2016, my goal was to reduce my weight by approximately 30 lbs in order to achieve my high school graduation weight by September for my 40th birthday. During my initial consultation with Cedar, she assured me that this goal was easily attainable, provided I committed to the program. I started training four days per week but was quickly so impressed with the level of advice, care and encouragement the CedarFit staff provided that I couldn’t resist the desire to get there six days per week. As I started to become more conscience of what I was eating and followed a more rigorous nutrition plan it all seemed to start coming together….and the pounds fell off. Once I dropped the first 15 pounds I became intensely focused on my goal and all the training and coaching helped me make the necessary adjustments to zero in on this target. In eight months, I lost 35 pounds, reduced my body fat percentage by 12% and needed an entirely new (small, extra slim fit) wardrobe…but, I was only getting started. I am now focused on a new goal and my morning training and daily meal regiment are an essential part of my life. The variation of the circuit training between strength and cardio, the opportunities to further build my knowledge through new technology implemented by Cedar, and constant monitoring by the CedarFit staff keep me totally committed to my fitness and health goals. My days are packed full of more energy and my self confidence is better than it has ever been. I committed to this goal but CedarFit provided me with the tools and platform to realize my success. - Jim P. Dountas | First Vice President CBRE Capital Markets - Retail

  • Trudy G

    Albuquerque, New Mexico

  • Elena S.

    I've been unable to work out for several years due to a few injuries. Every time I attempted to start up, I'd re-injure myself and would inevitably give up. It got to the point that just going for a walk would result in a few days of pain. On one of those walks, a friend of mine suggested I try out CedarFIT. I needed to find a place that would help me work out "safely". I'm not new to exercise, I had previously done triathlons, trained for a fitness show and was incredibly fit and in training for an IronMan. I worked out to the "No Pain, No Gain" motto and sadly that pain was not only detrimental to my health, but has had long lasting consequences. I needed a place that would help me start exercising safely and help me figure out what I needed to adjust in order to continue with my fitness journey. I have found that place. I've been to many gyms, many types of fitness classes and I've probably done them all along the years. I've worked with many group trainers as well as a few personal trainers. In my previous experience, the objective was always the more you can do, the harder you can go, the more you tough it out, the better! While some trainers were great about describing the benefits of a certain exercise, I realize now that there wasn't much emphasis placed on whether I was doing that exercise properly in order to get the maximum benefit. Very often it was about quantity and duration and unfortunately had we focused on more important factors, I would probably not have had to endure the years of pain that subsequently ensued. I've been at Cedar Fit for about two months now. During that time, things have come up with my body that, frankly, I'm glad they did because Cedar and her team have been wonderful at helping me not only modify the exercise to prevent further injury, but have helped me figure out what and how to train the muscles that are causing the pain in the first place. Had this happened anywhere else, I would have quit thinking that I was only making myself worse. Also, one of my biggest fears was of soreness. Because of the problems I've had, I used to get so sore that it was painful for me to function for a few days. Don't get me wrong, I used to relish a good sore producing workout. But after my injuries, sore translated to pain and that too kept me from exercising. I haven't had that experience at CedarFIT, the personal trainers have been very attentive to my particular needs and intuitively know if I'm ready to progress to something more challenging or if I need to modify for my particular needs. I have gradually progressed in the workouts and the soreness I experience is normal, not painful. I believe that I'm making progress, regaining my strength and figuring out how to address my various weaknesses. CedarFIT is not a typical gym. The exercises we do are functional incorporating the entire body and particularly the major muscle groups; the workouts change on a daily basis, not only alternating between cardio and strength, but in routine and targeting major body areas. The workouts are very diverse and challenging no matter ones' fitness level. The class sizes work well, the atmosphere is lively and trainers are attentive to everyone.

    Elena S. Albuquerque, NM
  • Kathy Ashley

    I had an opportunity at work yesterday to go ATV'ing all day. I took advantage of that and it was so awesome! Unfortunately we did a lot of serious terrain and my hands took a beating. Today they are swollen and painful. For that reason, I am going to fore-go boot camp this afternoon but will be in tomorrow and the rest of the week, like normal. Also, I have been closely monitoring my alcohol intake for a couple of days now and that really helps. Thanks for teaming with me on that! And did I say THANK YOU SO MUCH for being there? In particular for the fact that I could have never gone ATV'ing for 7 hours without your help. I am in pretty good shape these days, thanks to you and CedarFIT! I can't tell you how great I feel and how wonderful that at age 58 1/2 I am able to enjoy a quality of fun and fitness I haven't seen for 20+ years! Thanks so much! p.s. Even though I ate well over my calories yesterday and stayed hydrated, I lost 2.8 lbs on the day! WOW!

    Kathy Ashley
  • Sheri C.

    I was looking for a place that would be motivating, but not intimidating; where I would not "get lost" in the crowd; where I would be held accountable, but not belittled; where I would not be bored; where I would not re-injure myself; where I could tailor work outs to my needs and physical limitations; where the trainers really knew what they were doing (no wonder it took me a long time to find the right place!) Most Gyms are intimidating and overcrowded; classes were geared towards the people who were already physically fit / "in shape"; no one paid attention to you after you paid your money; no consistency with advice from trainers; and they were never as "clean" and well kept as I would have liked. My Physical Therapist told me about CedarFIT and I decided to contact Cedar! I discovered that CedarFIT is different -- it is an incredibly supportive environment and the people that are members are serious about getting / staying fit without being intimidating or judgemental. The trainers and owner are incredibly knowledgeable and are always observing and fine tuning your workout. It's like having a personal trainer every time you go. And it is "fun" (or as much fun as a work out can be) -- I truly believe that each trainer really enjoys what they do and like being there. -Sheri C. Albuquerque, NM

    Sheri C.
  • Becca F.

    I came to CedarFIT looking for life change regarding health and training. I knew how to lose weight quickly but I still used food for coping with stress rather then utilizing food as necessary fuel for a victorious life. You can't run on empty and thrive. You also can't eat your stress without damaging your body. I have had many gym memberships and still maintain one. Now I recognize that my gym membership is recreational. I can swim, my family can shoot hoops and if I'm so inclined I can time my mile on the treadmill. That is all recreation. The CedarFIT experience isn't about recreation it's about transformation. It's about training with experts that design my workouts to continually challenge my mind and my body to do what it is truly designed to do. We are meant to thrive not just survive. At CedarFIT, trainers educate on the balance of nutrition and fitness as a necessary combination to personal success. My trainers really care about helping me achieve MY goals and they actually live what they preach. I have confidence that if there is a successful tool for health it will show up in my boot camp experience. Cedar stays on top of training technology and techniques so I don't have to! Most recently we started using a software heart rate system that is equal to none! It has transformed my attitude regarding training. I get immediate feedback on my hearts health everyday. This replaces an unhealthy scale monitoring obsession for that elusive number with real time results on the most important muscle in my body, my heart ❤️. I suppose there are folks out there that don't require the complete package to healthy living that is provided at CedarFIT but I'm not one of them. I need the support, the encouragement, the team, the training Sessions, the foam rolling🤣, the fun and the professional expertise.

    Becca F.
  • Jen Girlamo

    I've had memberships to gyms since I was 16 years old. I always found the equipment super boring, including weight and cardio machines. I also didn't know how to use everything so that would limit my work outs. I enjoyed the classes at big box gyms, but there was not a lot of instruction so sometimes I was lost and didn't get the most I could get out of a workout. In hindsight, there was never progressive improvement or achievement in fitness goals. I knew I needed help with motivation and what to actually do exercise-wise to get healthier and in better shape. I was looking for a fitness program that would challenge me and keep me interested & committed. CedarFIT's Boot Camp workouts really are personal training with the added fun of being by in a group. It has exceeded my expectations in that there is so much personalized attention with regard to individual fitness levels, goals, performance, nutrition counseling and mind set coaching. To me, it has been a total lifestyle transformation from dieting & exercise to healthy nutrition & training and mental commitment. It's the full package which is the only successful plan for me. The workout programs at CedarFIT are the most effective & efficient for both strength and cardio training available anywhere. It's a fun, positive, non-intimidating & safe place to improve your health with tons of support and empowerment!

    Jen GirlamoAlbuquerque, NM
  • Pam Soule

    Massage Therapist

    I needed a place to workout that could lead me to success in becoming a stronger balanced body, with less weight. I experienced serious Disillusionment at other gyms with other trainers. They didn't or maybe couldn't understand my individual needs and goals. At CedarFIT I experience true possibility as I do my part, with consistency comes health & visual results. CedarFIT's trainers work with you with where you're at, help you to not hurt yourself & inspire you." -Pam Soule Massage Therapist Albuquerque, New Mexico

    Pam Soule
    Pam Soule Massage Therapist