The Fitness Bank

Money! It makes the world go round. We all work for it so we can pay for the things we need—the clothes to look professional, the car to get to work, the education to make us more marketable. One of the first things we learn as kids is how to add and subtract it, how to save it and spend it. Whether you love it or hate it, have it or don’t, money is arguably one of the most important elements of human society…but there is something bigger that affects all of us, and it is much more important than money.

Ok. There are a lot of things more important than money, but come with me on this one. We need money to live. We use it to make sure we have basic life things—a house, education, clothes, food. If we have a little extra, maybe we treat ourselves to a car we love or a trip we’ll never forget, but what good are any of those things if you don’t have the health to enjoy them?


Too Casual About Our Health

People are very good about recognizing the value of money and yet they are tragically cavalier about being fit. Americans, unfortunately, have a reputation for being unhealthy. A great many of us are obese; our food fried and packed with sugar; our TV is On-Demand, and a lot of people like it that way! The question is, can we afford to be so flippant about our health? People understand money in a way they don’t understand fitness. It’s money. People need it; they work for it; they have bank accounts so they can save it for the things they’ll need later, but if all those things mean nothing without health, why don’t we think of fitness that way too?


The Fitness Account

I propose that we should all have “fitness” accounts. Think about it. If every completed workout resulted in an extra week getting added to your life, people would be fitness fanatics! We’d all live forever! I know it doesn’t literally work that way because life is much more complicated than that, but being fit and healthy does add years to your life and life to your years. We, as a society, need to stop thinking of fitness as an option and start thinking of it as a necessary investment in the future. It’s a bank account for your quality of life. You can choose to invest in yourself now or you can ignore your body now and pay for it with illness and pain later.


Reap The Benefits of Working Out

You can’t quantify a workout in coins or points. You won’t be able to see the balance climb as you “save,” but if you start spending more time and effort on being healthy, you will reap the benefits of that investment. You’ll see dividends in the form of a smaller waistline, more energy, more focus, more confidence, less pain, fewer health problems, better sleep, better skin, better blood test results. What are you waiting for? Your fitness account is open! Start contributing. You’re worth it.