You’re doing what you can to make a change. Good for you! You’re working out, you’re changing your diet, but when others in your life, particularly the people in your house, don’t share your healthy lifestyle goals, it can be a real challenge! So what do you do if you’re trying to change and the kids (or your spouse) keep bringing home ice cream and chips and beckoning you to join them in their delicious, high calorie indulgences? Don’t give in! Here are some ways to overcome an unsupportive environment.:

1.) Designated Food Zones. You may to be able to control what they eat, but you can probably control where they eat it. Let the kitchen and dining areas be the food zones –everywhere else in the house is off limits. It’s no fun to be the only one not snacking on buttered popcorn and M&Ms when you’re watching a movie as a family. If no eating is allowed in the living room, that won’t be a problem. Let the family bonding continue calorie-free!

2.) Out of Sight, Out of Mind. An extension of the designated food zone. Assign specific areas for junk food in your cabinets and fridge and just avoid those areas. Make yourself a space too—shelves where you can go to find great nutritious snacks if you find yourself getting a little munchie. It’s easier to choose an apple over the girl scout cookies your husband bought from his boss’ daughter if you don’t have those Thin Mints staring you in the face.

3.) Silence is Golden – Make a pact. Promise not to nag them about their unhealthy choices so long as they don’t make “rabbit food” comments about yours. No teasing, tempting, judging or pushing your choices onto each other. Live and let live.

4.) Find Support. Just because you aren’t getting support at home doesn’t mean you can’t have support somewhere else. Find a community that shares your goals and encourages you in the healthy choices you are making. We live in a connected world—the possibilities are endless. Check out the newest health/active lifestyle apps, blogs, social networks and other online communities, or get out there and find the community that’s all around you join a class (Boot camp!) or a local running group or weight loss group—whatever works for you. There are a lot of options out there, you just have to get out there and start participating!