You deserve to live a healthy and vital life!

CedarFIT is a locally owned Private Fitness Training company providing full service lifestyle CHANGE including nutrition coaching to help you earn the body you deserve!

We specialize in Fat Loss and our Nationally Certified Personal Trainers are able to extensively adapt our exercises for pain and injuries including low back, knees, hips, shoulders etc. We are Not Crossfit. We focus on QUALITY over quantity in a safe, effective, pain-free training environment.

Ultimately you need to like “it” well enough to do it long enough to get lasting results. Moderation is the key in learning to be healthy! Our Mission is to Motivate and Inspire you to THRIVE!

Living a healthy lifestyle is as important nowadays, most especially now that the world is full of things that cause illnesses and diseases. If you want to live a quality life, it is essential to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. Keep in mind that poor health causes you to lose vitality, but if you have a sound mind and body, you can enjoy life to its fullest each day. One of the best ways to get enough exercise is to go to one of many Albuquerque gyms that may fit your lifestyle.

Finding The Best Gym

Before deciding to apply for membership at a particular gym, there are various things to consider. The location of the gym should be at most 20 minutes away from your home or work place. If you get exhausted before you arrive at the gym, you are more likely to lose energy to perform intense workouts. In addition, the gym should have all the necessary equipment you need to reach your fitness goals. Of course, determine if the price is right. Different Albuquerque gyms offer different membership fees. Keep away from gyms that charge unreasonably high prices.

Understanding the 5 Components of Fitness

After choosing a good gym from the many Albuquerque gyms available, it is essential to understand fitness and its components. Exercising should not be done without prior planning. There are 5 basic components of fitness and each of them has to be balanced. These five are muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and composition.

Cardiovascular endurance exercises increases stamina, burns fat, and helps promote excellent blood circulation. Muscular strength and endurance is important for overall strength. Strength training builds muscles, shapes them and causes them to perform more difficult physical tasks. Stretching or flexibility exercises allow the body to perform a wide range of motions. This aspect of fitness is important for gymnasts, swimmers, dancers, and athletes who require excellent body flexibility. Composition refers to the body’s mass index. Those who desire to lose weight need to do a series of workouts designed to decrease overall body fat.

Each of these components can be addressed in many different Albuquerque gyms. However, it is also necessary to seek the help of a professional fitness trainer in order to get the best results out of the gym workouts.

Choosing A Personal Trainer

Your choice from the available Albuquerque gyms out there should have their own personal trainers. A personal trainer is a professional trained in physical fitness. Understand that physical fitness is a science, and like all sciences, it has its own rules. Without the guidance of a trained coach, you may end up doing more harm to the body instead of making it fit. Hence, be sure to choose your personal trainer wisely.

A personal trainer can create a perfect fitness plan designed for your body type, your fitness level, and your fitness goals as well. Be sure to choose a trainer who you can work with comfortably. Make sure that he or she deals with clients professionally and has a good track record. You may want to consider joining a boot camp as well if you are desperate to see results fast.

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